F3K Companion info / features of the DLG / F3K timer app

Competition mode / stopwatch

Stopping times with FAI F3K task logic/ F3K rules.

The flown times are displayed in the "digital" score notes. An invalid flight (eg at an outside landing of DLG) can be set to the appropriate time by a "click".

Tactical support is guaranteed by displaying: free time (free time window) in certain flight tasks, remaining time to reach the maximum flight time, counting times so far & the achieved score**

In competition mode is the motion and sound detection, and speech disabled (thus, among other things during the competition od not inadvertently started or stopped).

DLG Training & self timing

By motion and noise detection can be trained as a competitive environment.

The spin off launch of F3K model (rotation) is detected by the motion sensors in the Smartphone.
The timer (stopwatch) for the flight time will thereby automatically started.
By noise, for example, whistle, the flight time can be stopped (stopping by movement could happen undesirable - such as during running).

The voice output of the app for example: flight- / frame- / task- and remaining times and announcement of the landing window can "replace" your F3K helper during training.

Another competition feeling arises from the audio output of the known start / stop signal.

F3K Companion on Android Smartphone
F3K Companion link to Google play The F3K Companion is from now available in Google Play!
Due to popular demand, there is now also a free version for testing!

The F3K Companion free can be found here.

F3K Companion Wear on LG Smartwatch R

F3K Companion wear - stand alone Android Smartwatch App

The first F3K timer smartwatch app for the wrist.
A motion detection could not be better on the arm! Times can be easily read with the RC transmitter in hand. As in the mobile app flight times, time frame and remaining time are displayed.
"Time announcements" carried out by vibration / vibration pattern (long, short & multiple).

Start-Display of the F3K smartwatch timer: F3K Companion wear
Start-Display of the F3K Companion wear - the DLG Timer wearable App (F3K Smartwatch Timer).
F3K Smartwatch Timer Companion wear - Task D is running
Task G was choosen ("wipe" & klick) - first flight is running. Vibrations was carried out at 30 & 10 seconds before the end of the max. task flight time/ for the remaining last 5 seconds - every second.
Options of the F3K Companion wear
Options of the Smartwatch Timer: sensitivity of motion detection +/-, vibration on/off, automatic start of working time on/off, terminate the timer on smartwatch.
F3K Companion link to Google play The F3K Companion wear is out now!
Note & an request:
if problems or errors occurs, or for improvements please contact me!
Despite conscientious programming and testing are errors not excluded!
The F3K Companion shall updated & optimized continuously.
FAQ - previously asked questions:

Q: Will there be an version of F3K Companion for iPhone?
A: Currently, no. But if in the distant future can not be excluded. However, should be the first that the android app run properly and reliably.
Train of thought: for the Palm App: DLG Time is a "parallel" smartphone necessary. Why not use an Android smartphone parallel to your iPhone just for hobby!
A good used smartphone, for example a Samsung S3 Mini, you can get for low prices. For operation of the F3K Companion App NO inserted SIM card is necessary.

Q: Is your F3K Timer comparable with the Palm App "DLG Time" or even a copy?
A: As a newcomer to the F3K scene i'll never used the DLG Time Palm app (is no longer "so easy" to get). Certainly I have heard from the Palm App and was inspired by the screenshots afterwards.

The idea to program even a F3K Timing app, came the following reasons:
- registered this year for the first time F3K competitions (after I finally had my second competitive F3K flyer / F3K competition model)
... train hard. And that almost always alone.
... now get to know all F3K tasks ...
... so first bought other F3K Timer Apps. In these applications, i was not really happy with stopping the times (by shaking or moving).
- A request to the developers if they could stop the timer by whistle, was not answered.

That was one reason for developing my app!

After attending my first F3K competition the additional idea to expand my app towards "Competition Timer" (similar to DLG Time) came.
Preliminary, the focus was on developing the SmartWatch variant: F3K Companion Wear - which I personally, when I do not need to test, used the most.

Start-Display of DLG Timer App: F3K Companion
Start display of the F3K Compamion - the DLG Time application (app) for Android. From here there is a direct way to start & stop flight and working times. The elapsed times are stored below. For example: on an Samsung S4 mini smartphone the timer is ready for use in less than 2 seconds.
Selection of FAI F3K Task
Tasks selection: here you can choose an official FAI F3K flight task. Has a task a working time period of 7 or 10 minutes, so you can switch the time in the timer display by clicking on the working time.
Task C (All up - last down) - option launches are displayed
In certain tasks are options possible, they will be displayed by selecting the task. Here the example for: All up, last down, the number of launches (3-5) can be set.
Task B - the working time started - free time are displayed
Task B - Second to last and last flight was started. The F3K flyer has not yet been thrown yet. The "Free time window" opens on the flight time indicator. The maximum flying time for this flight is shown under: "Remaining flight sec.".
Task B - F3K model catched - first full flight time where reached
Task B - The flight model has been caught after 245 seconds of flight time. When you stop the timer the so far achieved points (score) / percent** are displayed.
Task B - Display of free time window before second throw
Task B - The F3K pilot has 47 seconds to throw his glider for reaching full score. The pass time of 240 seconds is indicated on the top right.
Task D - the working time and glider are started - the stopwatch is still running
Task D (increase by 15 sec.) has started, the working and flight time is running. The f3k glider is still in the air. The participant has already overflown 7 seconds. Once a task time is reached, the "box" of the remaining flight time is green.
Task D - the times: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 105 seconds are reached
Task D - here already the flight times of 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 105 seconds were flown (405 seconds counted - 414 sec flown). The last flight is running - there are only 30 seconds to fly. Enough working time (1:10) is present - should now nothing "goes wrong" a perfect score is achieved.
Task D - task completed - score of 1000 points
Managed :-) all required times for task D have been achieved! The max. accessible & reached 525 seconds are indicated by a green highlighting the "box".
Task D - marked a flight time as invalid
The screenshot shows a correction of a flight time (eg invalid by landout) on the "scoring list". This time of 80 seconds has been removed from the scoring and total flight time.
Select a new F3K task - previously please perform a reset.
The selection of a new F3K tasks is only possible after a reset in the time display! The buttons "C" and "Reset" must be pressed for longer so that they react.
Task E - Edit poker time
Especially for the task poker (task E) there is a fast input option for the poker time announced by the pilot. By "wipe" on the three areas of the scroll fields the poker time can be set before the launch or during the actual flight.

F3K Companion your attendant for flying Discus Launch Glider (DLG) / F3K Glider. Not just a simple stopwatch - it is your F3K helper / timekeeper for training & competition. A DLG app with "whistle" - stop flight times by whistle. A digital score card stores all achieved flight times of the current flight task - after the end of the round the times can easily be overtaken to the score card. Thus, the helper can concentrate on the essentials during a DLG competition: times announcements, observe other participants (pilots), "find" thermals. When training at local model airfield the F3K application assumes the time announcements. Not for long, and it is " DLG Time " announced the F3K Companion.

*A F3K model (glider) is defined by the FAI inter alia through these features: max. wingspan of no more than 1500 mm (1,5m), weight max. 600g. The model must be launched by hand - mostly their is a throwing peg on the edge of the wing (integral part of the model).
** The calculation of the points / score done assuming that another competition participant has reached the theoretical maximum number of points!